Welcome to PASt Explorers

Welcome to PASt Explorers, the Portable Antiquities Scheme’s education website. This website is designed for use in the classroom, museum or at home. It has been split into 3 distinct sections – Fun, Teachers and Database – each of which contain teaching and learning resources.

West Mucking
Pack your bag
Children handling artefacts

The resources are primarily aimed at Key Stage 2 of the English National Curriculum, in other words are aimed at children between the ages of 7-11. However, they are just as much fun for older learners (including adults)!

Resources are linked directly to specific Schemes of Work within the National Curriculum in a variety of subject areas including History, ICT, Geography, STEM and cross curricular enrichment too.

The resources found here include:

These resources have been built with the help of real archaeologists including Helen Geake, an Anglo-Saxon specialist who has appeared regularly on Time Team and Cei Paynton our Education Officer who has appeared on Time Team and presents local history stories for the BBC. Real teachers, children and education specialists have helped too!

The site works through experiential learning and reinforcement and is ideal for all members of the class, especially those whose learning style is not best suited by more formal pedagogy.

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