Photo evidence of PASt Explorers in use

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Amy and friends have a go at using a rotary quern!
Anna Marshall teaching

Anna Marshall, former FLO for South and West Yorkshire teaches using the backpack
Anna and assistant at work

Anna teaches a class in Castleford

Whiteboard action

Jarren and Sophie from Year 5 play with Whiteboard

PASt Explorers being used on a whiteboard
Sophie (Year 5)

Sophie (Year 5) uses a whiteboard to play with the village

Examples of children's work

A child's drawing

A response to a PASt explorer's lesson
An Anglo-Saxon family

A response to using the Anglo-Saxon village
A letter to Angie Bolton

Angie received this letter after one of her sessions


Child's drawing of Cei
Louisa's feedback

Feedback to PASt Explorers
Work from Navenby Primary

Work from Navenby Primary

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